Sneak Preview of iPhone 5

The long awaited iPhone 5 finally reached home, after confirming the transaction online at the Digi Shop for renewing the iDigi88 - the plan good enough for my sister since she will be around at Singapore almost all the time.

So, here I am, today at home unpacking the package with consists of the instruction to activate the sim card as well as the iPhone 5 box, delivered together with the Digi nano sim and the privilege card. 
The iPhone 5 delivered together with the nano sim by Digi

Inside the box consists of the standard iPhone package, the iPhone 5, the charger as well as one headset. I think Apple thinks that their iPhone is so easy to use that the box does not come with any of the operating manual, which really surprise me. I agree that the phone is so easy to use that I don't need an operating manual to operate it, but still, to me, I think operating manual is a must. It only comes with a leaflet showing the feature of the iPhone.

The box with iPhone 5 inside includes headset and charger

Anyway, since it comes with the Digi nano sim, I might as well cut my work short by directly using the sim card - at least I don't have to go to shop and asked them to cut my sim into nano sim. To insert the nano sim to the iPhone, it is exactly the same way how iPhone 4 users insert the micro sim to the iPhone 4. Just use the clip inside the box to poke (real hard) at the small hole at the nano sim holder, it will come out, and then you can directly put the Digi nano sim to the phone.

Clipping out the nano sim slot to put the Digi nano sim

After slotting in the sim, the next thing to do, of course is to boot up the iPhone 5. This iPhone 5 is come with pre-installed iOS 6.0.1. This iPhone comes with 64GB storage, with about 8GB used for OS - so you roughly will have about another 56GB for apps, musics, videos and photos.

Booting the iPhone 5 for the first time

The iPhone 5 bundled with iOS 6.0.1

Well, I guess that's all for now. Will blog more about the iPhone 5 once I have sync it with all the apps that I have on my laptop.

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