A tiring week...

It was indeed a tiring week...moving here and there plus sick as well as the workload in the company.

Nevertheless, I must said thank you to a few people for the help...my aunty and uncle...it was great to have them welcomed me to stay for a few days...appreciate the warm welcome and the dinner cooked for me as well.

It was also great to have a bunch of supportive colleague in the company...Aida, Phyllis and also Choon Foong....if it were not for these people, I would probably find it even more difficult to manage especially since I was sick on Monday. 

From Left Bottom (clockwise): Phyllis, Choon Foong and Aida
They are probably not the smartest person I ever work with but they are definitely a great bunch of people to work together with. 

Anyway, I will also be moving into a new room...a small room but a comfortable with enough facilities for me.


Place for washing machine..

Bathroom, with heater...

Living room, with TV (Astro)...can watch football at home instead...

The small room...

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