Dressing Up Your Photo Collection With Pic Collage

Pic Collage is another free iOS apps that one can download to their devices which uses the iOS - to dress up the photo collection in the Camera Roll or even in the social network like the Facebook.

The app is easy to use, there are a number of the templates of the frames; or user can choose to be creative by creating free form collages, cutouts, filters, borders, stickers, and text. It doesn't takes up much space, about 22MB of space on the devices. With new iPhones and iPads coming out with a standard of 16GB and up to 64GB, there will be plenty of space to store up this free iOS app. Good news for those on Android platform, the app is supported as well, so although I'm blogging on the iOS version, I believe it will be the same for the Android version.

I have been playing with the apps throughout the Chinese New Year week - to compile the list of food at any time to prevent myself from uploading a number of photos to either my social network account or my blog. As part of the social network, you will get notification on any of the collages posted by your friends, as well as they'll be getting yours and it seems fun to have this kind of photo sharing on the activities that you and your friends are doing.

Free form collage that I created using the app

Another example

The only drawback I found in the app is when I'm trying to be creative and use the free form collages, sometimes it ended up in a mess and I need to redo. However, this free form collages are also the pros that I found in the app.

Overall, I found that this app is nice to use and it is a must installed app for those who like to takes photographs on many things in an event and wanted to post the photos as one compilation of collage.

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