Gathering with my university pals

It has been quite a while since I meet up with my university pals. We are all busy with our own lives....our own work, studies, relationships, families etc.

I managed to meet up with Chin Sian, Aaron, Lip Wei, Choon Foong, Hooi Hooi, Yen Yoon, Chin May, Ming Yee and Wen Shiuan.

Although we probably only spent about 30 minutes chit chatting as I was late, I appreciate the little time that we had together, to know that most of us are doing good.

After meeting up with them in Piccadilly, I fetch Chin May and Wen Shiuan but before that, we went for makan in UM. We went to 3rd college...and realized there was some big changes next door, nearby 4th and 7th college. A new UM food court is looks pretty happening.

It was really good to be able to see these people...hopefully, we could keep this up even as we grow older...

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