Oppa Gangnam Style performance by cousins [Part 1]

I knew that the "Oppa Gangnam Style" is a hit last year but I did not know that my family is also into this. At least I was not aware that my extended family are into this.

It was during the "Family Gathering" in Excelsior Hotel, my cousins performed the "Oppa Gangnam Style". The first performance on this was done by 3 kids, aged at about 4 to 10 years old...a big thumbs up for such a performance.

They were awesome...and their performance somehow just managed to make me laugh and smile.

After that, there was another "Oppa Gangnam Style" done by a much more older group...I'll leave that for another post though. As for now, I hope you enjoy this dance done by my cousins as much as I do.

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