Outsmarting Traffic Together With Waze

Nowadays it is not easy to predict the traffic condition on the road, especially during the festive season where the mass exodus might happen in the city center. So, in order to avoid the traffic jam, we need to outsmart the traffic together with "Waze".

Waze is a free iOS app for people with iPhone to get the latest information on the traffic condition as well as contributing traffic information so that people around the area will know about it. The app is very simple to use and one can just use his or her Facebook account to login to the app and start contributing and get the traffic information.

There are many other functions that you can get from Waze, and like most of the navigation apps like the Papago application, one can also see speed of his or her own transport with additional feature like the average speed of that road. One feature I like about Waze on traffic information is it will display the traffic condition with different color, like red for heavy traffic.

Red color road for heavy traffic with the average speed shown

Other features in Waze include chatting with the people you see on the road, but I think this is unnecessary as it will be dangerous typing messages to the friend in front of you. There are other reports that you can get like the police or accidents and this kind of information is useful when we plan a journey, especially a long journey during the holiday season.

The cons of Waze is that it requires internet connectivity and supposedly required a fast one. By turning 3G and having the app on will definitely drain the battery of the iPhone fast. I remember I use the app once and before I realized, my iPhone battery level was at less than 40%.

Overall, Waze is really useful for those who want to plan the journey by getting information on the traffic before heading to the road to avoid having stuck in the middle of the traffic jam.

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