Spent the last day of CNY in Coffee Bean

So, what do you do on the last day of Chinese New Year?

Well, if I'm in Ipoh, I would have spend the time with my lovely family but since I'm in Kuala Lumpur, I met up with some of my friends in Coffee Bean. It was just a short hangout session at the coffee place, spending some time talking bout stuff and also catching up here and there.

It has been some time since I met up with Wei Hoong and also Siow Wei...good to know that the two of them are doing pretty good. 

Of course, it was kinda weird not to have May Kee, Tom and Soon Aik along. Nevertheless, it was a fun session. At least Wei Hoong learned how to protect the privacy on his iPhone. 

Anyway, that's how I ended the last day of Chinese New Year...in Coffee Bean with a bunch of buddies. I'm pretty sure and optimistic that more good things are awaiting this year. Let's look forward...

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