When we die we become "STORIES"....

Have you ever take time to ponder about death? 

Today, there are a few questions that pop into my head when I read of this quote:

“When we die we become ‘stories’ in the minds of other people.”

It just so happen that when I attended the "Fong Family Gathering" (my maternal grandmother's surname is Fong), my granduncle was talking about some of his stories....and I realized that it probably mean a great deal for him as he shared parts and parcels of his stories with us. 

I think that as life approached its' finishing line, we tend to look back and see what we have achieved and how the stories had unfold for many of us...and the reason is simply because we want to know the kind of "stories" that will play out in the minds of others around us when our chapter ended. 

"When we die, we become "stories" in the minds of other people"

What kind of stories you want to leave behind?

Who do you want to remember your stories?

Is there anyway that you could improve how the story will continue to unfold today?

As I reflect on these questions, I realize how our life journey could easily be shaped, changed and transformed...all of those are due to the decisions and choices we made....

Even as I blog this post, I continue to ask myself the choices and paths that I made, and whether if it is worth it...

"Life is not difficult...it is a choice...but our every decisions are without U-Turn"

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  1. We can't change every decision we've made but we can amend them with the choices we have now. Hence, we need His guide to help us make the better choice. I believe that there's no absolute right or wrong choice. So sometimes we'll just have to balance up between what our head thinks and heart feels to make the utmost of the situation we are in.

    It's good to think and plan. But in everything we do, surrender it to Him.Other than that..#YOLO! Be happy and live life to the fullest ;)



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