Google Glass

Well, if you are still talking about which smartphones to buy, you are probably not keeping yourself much up to date. Today, the importance of mobility has become so important that Google is beginning to talk about Google Glass.

Welcome to a world through Glass

The idea was amazing...and revolutionary but whether it can be one, we are about to know. 

Firstly, you can take a picture while playing with your kids, through the Glass by saying "OK Glass, Take a picture!"

you can now play and hug your kids and still capture their emotion and smiles, not missing a moment
The same goes for Recording:

Recording through your glass
I am starting to wonder how people can use the Google Glass to record the movies in the cinema....hmmm...more jobs for those who have to check the ticket: they will have to identify the "glasses" as well.
But of course, recording what one see hands free is of utter importance. I believe the innovation is there...the question is, how well it is being done.

Share what one see....LIVE

One of the best part is the ability to share what one see, LIVE. Imagine if you are attending a party in Kuala Lumpur while your siblings are having theirs in Ipoh, you could actually share the happenings to them, LIVE...whatever that you are seeing and enjoying at the same time.

You can easily share whatever you are seeing with your loved ones...LIVE. That's a very powerful tool.

Better NAVIGATION tool

Directions, right in front of you....I always have trouble in directions....not someone who is good when it comes to that, which is why I have my Papago with me inside the iPhone. Of course, the one thing bad about using a GPS or the iPhone as one is that I have to look at my phone and then the road...but with Google Glass, the direction is right in front of my front of the Google Glass.

Let's see how good it works when there are other images in front of my eyes...will it distract me while I'm driving...we are about to find out once Glass becomes officially available to all consumers.


It becomes easier to ask for information...a better and more powerful Search Tool, using the Glass....information in front of you...

ok glass, Google how long is the Brooklyn Bridge

information: right in front of you

Need TRANSLATION, it is right there in front of you

If you happen to be in a surrounding with languages that you are not taught of, Google Glass can help you.


There are many of us who have used application with augmented reality, but using it on a smartphone, and using it with a Glass will definitely be a huge lots of difference. Imagine INFORMATION appears right in front of you, without having to ask.

Overall, the Google Glass comes with an amazing idea, an innovation that will bring technology into another level...the question now remains: will the Google Glass first generation be one that's of worth, given that the possibility of a new version coming out once Google gets all the right feedback on the products.

Well, we are about to find out since suggestions and hints have been given that the Glass will be in the market this year.

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