Rules of Work 1: GET NOTICED

The curiosity about life and work has been deeper than ever now that I am approaching a new phase of life. I have been reading about a book "Rules of Work"...a book bought by my sister, Chiew Lian and felt that there are more for me to learn about life. 

It was then that I thought of putting it into a log in my blog and this is the first entry, and I called it the Rules of Work (using the name of the book that I read)

Anyway, my first entry will be simply on life and how to make the most out of it. After reading some parts in the book, it makes me wonder why is it that some people always manage to say the right thing at the right time, do it at the right moment, perform their best when it is required of them and eventually emerge as an outstanding individual while some others go through daily life struggling to get noticed.

Probably the first part of it is simply this: GET NOTICED! (this is probably what most people are craving for and yet not able to express out) Look at Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and blogs...why is social network becomes more important than ever...people need the attention...people need to be noticed...people want love and care and appreciation. Now, we know that everyone wanted the same thing but how are you gonna get it. Well, I'm going to go back to where I started this...that some people somehow emerge as an outstanding individual. If you think that these people are born genius, you probably should read the book "Outliers" and realized that most successful people spent countless hours and dedicate their lives to achieve that greatness. 

So, the first key is to be passionate (and some people can turn it into obssession as well) about your work, whether you are simply doing a clerical work or you are studying, or you might even be a manager aiming for a bigger promotion, or maybe you are just like one of the fresh graduate waiting to impress his new boss. And just as your cravings are for attention, that is what you gonna do. 
Let's take for example, if your job scope requires you to complete a processing work in a short time, you probably will not be able to get the attention from your boss by doing it faster than your colleague. Trust me...even if you are finishing your work an hour faster, it is not going to impress your boss but if you are able to finish up your work quick enough and think of a way to help others to improve, you are on your way to get the attention. Write a report or even send an email and tell him or her about that method of improving the efficiency of your workload. Of course, if you are doing it too often, your boss might not like it but that is the idea. 

I am not gonna say that gaining the attention from others would be easy but if you want to GET NOTICED by your boss, you probably need to work very hard...get to know your work from inside out but the key is not to let others know how hard you are working for it. Now, if you remember, you probably heard some of your friends (top students especially), who are doing very well in their exams and here are some similar traits:

  • They won't tell you how much they work for something...they probably have been spending hours on revising and getting to know their studies inside out but they are not going to reveal that!!
  • They will tell you they are uncertain about their works and yet they do extremely well..
Now, let's not take this in a negative might think of it as "kiasu" but the simple truth is this: if you wanna do well, work hard for it and don't tell others how hard you work for it.

Look at Bill Gates, the man who was obssessed with computer programming and he is an "outlier" because he spent countless hours facing the computers and learning the computer language...he has the access to this....imagine what would become of Bill Gates if he don't have the access to computer when he was young...he probably will still be a successful man but there won't be Microsoft.
Look at Lionel Messi, the brilliant footballer so much so that people are calling him wizard. Can you imagine the wizard doing what he is doing if he is not exposed to football training at a young age and of course, spending hours training on it.

Skills, talents and charisma are important in life but it is not everything. It is how much you are willing to put your effort in your work. I guess it is not really a riddle that is unknown to us but most of the time, we just miss on one thing...we are not able to look at the opportunity around us and make use of it. But we blame on what we are lacking. So, I guess if you are struggling to make an impact from where you are, the first few things that you should do: stop facebooking, stop stalking on other people who are better than you and start doing what you can and learn from the first step if you have to. The road ahead is full of excitement but it is not an easy one. 

Are you ready for the ride? I am...and I hope you are going to embark on this journey with the same excitement as I do. 

Are you ready for the ride?

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