Rules of Work 2: NEVER STAND STILL

After spending more time on reading a book, I would take this a little further...that being noticed and getting noticed is not only the way to make the way to the top. But it must not stop there...and this is what comes next: NEVER STAND STILL!
There are a lot of people who are satisfied with their works and felt that they have reached to a certain success...while that satisfaction is not entirely bad, it is also the very thing that cause one to stop growing.

on the move or standing still?

Now, we all must do our work and we must do extremely well to earn recognition but we must look beyond that. We must look at the bigger picture and we must think of the next step. While most people would be thinking of indulging in Starbucks coffee, relaxing and chilling in the comfort of their home...most of which I am also guilty of, one must be planning ahead, to analyze and assess the competition exists and to research on their work. 

It is either you keep moving or you grow moss. You have to have movement, energy and enthusiasm...if not, you will become stagnant. The longer you stand still, the more difficult for you to make the next move.

So, most of my peers are in their holiday now...the question is this: are we standing still?

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