Rules of Work 3: Learn from Mistakes

Learn from mistakes...

A clever man learns from his own mistakes...but a wise man learns from others' mistakes.

a wise man learns from others' mistakes.

It is unavoidable that we all eventually make mistakes in life but the fewer, the better. One of the best way to do so is to learn from others' mistakes. This might seems easy but if you really want to learn from others' mistakes, you must really do it. Whenever you heard of the mistakes made by others, friends, colleagues or people around you, it is important to find out why the mistakes occur. 

Of course, you must learn to do your detective work undetected by others. This is important or otherwise you might be seen as a smug, nosy or busybody kind of person. You wouldn't want that to be your reputation. 

So, whenever a colleague got themselves into hot soup, you should try to offer a helping hand. Most of the time, they will be grateful to you and talk to you about the situation that led them into such trouble. Once you have found out what went wrong, it is important for you to think of ways to avoid repeating his or her mistakes. After all, it will look even worse to be repeating a mistake of your colleague.

With a thorough and desire to enquire about the mistakes made by others, you will learn to avoid making the same mistake. Thus, get rid of the "It won't happen to me" or "non of my business" attitude and try to learn from there.

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