Rules of Work 4: COMMITMENT

100% Commitment

When I read the 100% commitment rule in the Rules of Work, it makes me wonder what commitment really is.

The book described commitment as having to be vigilant, dedicated, watchful, keen, ready, prepared, cautious, alert and on the ball, none of which I disagree. 

But I personally think commitment is something more than that...commitment is about doing more than what it takes consistently because one care enough. I remembered telling people that I can't commit on certain things, which is true, because I can't care enough on some of those issues. Not that I don't care, but I don't care enough...


For me, I think that commitment is definitely one of the key rule at work. If you don't care enough to go the extra mile on a consistent manner, you will find it difficult to excel.

What will a committed individual find at work? In the land of the blind, you will be the only one with both eyes open and seeing....and that will make all the difference...

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