An amazing weekend [Saturday]

I don't usually spent so much time outside on weekend hanging around...normally, it would either be at home or in the office. 

Anyway, this weekend, I had a great time meeting up with a lot of people...


On Saturday morning, I went to see a condominium in The Regalia...while it is pretty nice, the price was a bit too high for a studio apartment, at least for me. Anyway, after that I went for a haircut and about 4pm, I went to Lawrence's place to buy for the BBQ at night. 

We prepared for the BBQ at night, and with Pang Siang and Alicia coming later, the night was pretty awesome and HOT!

In the process of marinating the fish...we were pretty bad at it to be honest....

This is my colleague, Pang Siang who eventually save the day....

kickstart the night
The fire is starting up

And all of that was not without hardwork....

And check this out: all sorts of attempts to get the fire up....success eventually!!

Okay...BBQ is really hot!!

This is one of the newest addition to the family, Denise

All busy posing for photos while some busy getting the food ready...

Of course, really need to thank Pang Siang for this....sweet!!

I left earlier though as I had my second round with Choon Yee and Tom. We went for the movie: Olympus Has Fallen in Times Square...

An Amazing Movie
Well, a thumbs up for the movie and Gerard Butler was as amazing as always....

We went for another round of supper after that, in Picaddily. 

Hoegaarden, it's been a while

2 bucket for 3 people: Myself, Choon Yee and Tom

We ordered some snacks....woohoo!! a good treat for the beautiful Saturday...

Choon Yee and I
And that sums up my amazing weekend on the Saturday....I'll post more about Sunday in the upcoming post.

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