An amazing weekend [Sunday]

This is the part 2 of the amazing weekend that I had. 

I did the same thing like I did on Saturday morning, look at apartment...but this time in Cheras instead. I went to see the Prisma Cheras, somewhere in Taman Midah. The environment and the maintenance of the facilities of the condominium looks good but the unit itself was rather rundown. Really is kinda disappointed. 

Anyway after checking the apartment, I went to meet up a good friend of mine for brunch...Ho Yen Fong @ Baba Ho.

We did not do much...just went for makan in Cheras Leisure Mall....Library was new in Cheras Leisure Mall and the two of us decided to try the set lunch.
She ordered some seafood thing while I got myself a chicken set to eat. Yummy? Not really but it was good to manage to spend time eating and catching up about one another's life.

The soup

This is the set I ordered

YenFong's choice

Yen Fong

I managed to force her to allow me to take a snapshot...well, it was just great to start of the day by meeting up close friends that you don't get to see for quite some time.

After that, I made an appointment to meet up our Statistics group "Mr Nice Guy", Aaron Ooi. Tom joined in as well but Choon Foong couldn't make it at the last minute.

Starbucks in Midvalley and Gardens were rather crowded but we still managed to get a place....really lucky. We had our drinks and some food....It was great to be able to see these bunch of people.

As Aaron need to make a move earlier, Tom and I head for a pool game. It has been a while since we played pool. 

Tom Tong, looking like a pro

The day ended with a dinner together with Choon Foong, at the RM3.30 shop. Felt extremely amazing to be able to eat cheap economy rice. 

It is really tired to drive all the way back but this weekend was a good one. Managed to meet up with people and also to chill, do things that I want. Happy!! 

Looking forward for Monday...gonna ensure that it is as great as my weekend!!

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