Dinner treat by a GSM in Fukuya

Yesterday was a surprise. One of the GSM in Great Eastern, Alex Aun get me, Pang Siang and Lawrence for dinner.

Honestly, I was kinda rushing at night but I guess it's good to spend some time socializing. 

Well, the place is awesome and I like the entrance...

Looking grand and beautiful from the outside

Well, I understand that there are some VIP rooms which are only available for people with the title "Dato". Hmmm....now I'm beginning to see why some people like to mention the title "Dato" in front of their names. (special benefits at times)

Well, I ordered a Tempura set....

It was a treat for us by Alex Aun....appreciate the good gesture. 

I guess it feels kinda great to go eat at such luxurious place at times...not that I'm a Japanese fan....but it does feel good....

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