Samsung Galaxy S4, they call it Life Companion

It is a shock to look at the advertisement by Samsung...BIGGER words and ADJECTIVES are used each time, and this time, they are calling the S4 a Life Companion. Really?

The first thing to take note is that it looks almost identical to the Galaxy S3. (I forgot...they called it DESIGN FOR HUMANS) Anyway, besides the overrated tagline, the Galaxy family of Samsung has been fact, the S3 was probably one of the best production of Samsung...and S4 looks set to overhaul it. Although almost identical, the S4 is actually slightly bigger than the S3, 1mm slimmer and 10g lighter. Are all of these significant? I doubt it actually made much difference but just as the S3, the S4 will be easy to hold onto and the wide display screen will make watching video an ease and enjoyment process.

The Super AMOLED Screen is gorgeous and it is certainly impressive. When matched with HTC One though, some might probably prefer what HTC has done. Of course, the display is a matter of preference. My suggestion...go and take a look at the phone and compare the display. Really, if the display screen colour and brightness matters so much to you, compare it with your own eyes. My opinion is that on naked eye, one could hardly differentiate it.

With a powerful processor and Exynos octo-core processors, I can understand how powerful the S4 more sluggish performance that's for sure. It is fast and blazing fast. Everything is lightning fast and apps open and shut with a snap, and web pages glide around under your finger. Thumbs up for a more POWERFUL PROCESSOR!!

This is definitely a phone for the latest graphics-intensive Android games.

BATTERY Life apparently has improved but again, this could probably mean you could go on a day without charging. Don't expect much though....

The CAMERA technology has improved with what is known as SMART pause. This technology knows when you're looking at the screen so it can, for example, pause a video when you turn your head and look away. As soon as you look back, the video continues. It's a neat way of using the cameras for more than just still images and video. Impressive front camera technology. Of  course, with a higher megapixels, one can expect a much better photos taken with the S4.

Well, as impressive as it is, I couldn't see much innovation. It looks just like the S3, with better performance...that's all. Has the Smartphone reached the peak of its' innovation? A LIFE COMPANION...that I doubt so....

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