Say hi to my iPad mini

Well, today after work, we went for a badminton game...together with Lawrence's ex-colleague. 

I am no fan of badminton game but it was great to be exercising and sweating through a sport. After all, it's need to pay for the court. Hehehe!!
It felt amazing and it was fun to learn from the people who are good in it.

After that, I went to buy the iPad mini together with Choon Foong, this time for myself. I bought it at Harvey Norman at Ampang Point....the WiFi only version, 16GB and white in colour. 

new iPad mini of mine....RM999

say hi to iPad mini!!

I am happy to open it up and start setting up all the necessary into the was light and cute....I love the white colour as well...a good match to my black iPhone 4. 

Said hi to my iPad mini! Happy day!!

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