Star Health Fair - "Let's Live Great!"

Well, I wasn't the kind of person who jump into any event and said, "I wanna go" but if I'm into something then I'll give my all.

There was the Star Health 2013 and if you went for it, I hope you enjoyed it, as much as the staff did. 

The theme "Let's Live Great!" was a good one and honestly, it is starting to create certain awareness in me to take good care of my health to LIVE GREAT. I was there to work on Friday, involved in the registration counter during the day time before taking over Stephen in the "Wellness Profiling" duty. 

During some of the free time, I managed to capture the photos of the kids rehearsing their dance. Oppa Gangnam Style again but they look adorable, cute and is surprise how things like this manage to put a smile on the face.

The kids doing the Oppa Gangnam Style dance!

Honestly, while working during the day time, it was really rather tiring. The registration counter involved a lot of work and explanation to the people who are coming to the Live Great event.

I was lucky that I only have to work during the day time in the registration counter. I'm sure it was more tiring for people like Alicia Lok, Jo, Mun Yee and some others who were there for the whole day. 

After I switch my role to "Wellness Profiling", I get to walk around the booth and asked people who are interested to know about their wellness and health on a general basis. This app is available in the Live Great Portal, which I find it to be quite useful. It could really be used as a motivation to do better and take care of one's health. 

One of the counters will allow you to write down some of the beautiful and enjoyable moments for the guests. I happened to see one that wrote it..."Having fun at Great Eastern Health Fair". Either he/she is a staff or someone just did had a great moment during their visit.

We also managed to have some fun ourselves though...

Crazy pose by Ann Jee, Kev and Lawrence

We are going to Pangkor Beach...ya right?

someone took this...looks pretty funny though...Ann Jee was all ready to smile...

Anyway, overall, it was a great day....was very tired because of the long hours but definitely enjoy the moment. 

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