What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

I realized that today is World Health Day and so I spent some time looking for what a healthy breakfast is. I realized that in order to really have a healthy meal, one will have to learn how to cook. 

Anyway, since I'm nowhere there, I'll take the shortcut first. 

Bought the Nestum Oat 3 in 1....

Did some research on the internet....while the Nestum 3 in 1 Oat might be healthy, it probably contain pretty high sugar level. Anyway, I don't have much choice....

My breakfast
Well, Healthy Lifestyle is definitely equal to healthy breakfast...but it does not stop there...

Yoga Mat
I did a bit of sit up and stretching on the Yoga Mat. Well, it was a short and quick one but I definitely feel better after doing some stretching. I should started to get this back into my life. 

Anyway, I am sure I am pretty way off track from a healthy lifestyle and thus, I google it.

This is the schedule for a healthy lifestyle from a website that I found in my Google Search. (the bold and italic are my opinion and attempt)

1) Rise early and drink two glass of water - I had a glass of water today. Let's keep it up.

2) Spend time prayer - I'm not sure how this link to a healthy lifestyle but then, I remember reading from Men's Health that religion and time for prayer could help one to destress and remain calm. (important for health? I think so...time to find a church in KL then I suppose)

3) Plan your day. Arrange your schedule and spend the day making someone feel loved and appreciated. - I find the plan your day makes sense but I'm not so sure about making someone feel loved or appreciated. I enhanced my search and realized that it has to do with a healthy attitude. I'll leave that for another time though. (I'll stick to the plan your day at the moment)

4) 15 minutes to an hour of exercse. - Thumbs up! Totally agree with this.

5) Eat good breakfast - I find it very hard to do this but let's say today is a rather good start.

6) Moderate lunch and go for a stroll - I suppose I should spend some time walking around GE Mall after my lunch next time.

7) No snacking - I don't think I have much problem with this at the moment but is coffee allowed? Read a lot of negativity on caffeine but life without coffee is really rather dull. I chose COFFEE!!

8) Eat dinner, light or no supper - I suppose light dinner and no dinner is different terms. I'll have to find time to grab for food even if it's during busy period. Time for a change.

9) Change your pace in the afternoon/evening. If day time is about mental work, go for something more physical in the afternoon/evening. Vice versa. - I think my work is more on mental. Maybe it's time to pick up some sports as an activity during the weekdays. I'll consider futsal and badminton. Need to start planning.

10) Sleep early and at the same time - How I wish I can say this? Damn...I can't...with football season every year and the workload I have, I guess this will have to come some other time...

Alright, after reading all of these, I'm starting to believe that a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is a rather difficult/discipline lifestyle. Need to put more effort. Sigh...a good reminder on World Health Day. 

Are you ready to live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE?

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