Birthday dinner with YenLeng

Was back in Ipoh again....two consecutive weeks...

Anyway, today I went for dinner with YenLeng to celebrate her birthday. It was something simple, but enjoyed the time spent.

Say cheese!!

We had dinner in was a rather old restaurant in Ipoh but one that I kinda like.

Coffee is served

We both had soup before the main dish....I ordered the mushroom soup while YenLeng actually ordered the Chicken soup.



We ordered the Chicken Chop and Chicken Maryland....

One thing that I really love about this place is the environment and the design of the place....

After that, we actually spend some time shopping in Jusco....of course, we went for Haegandaz after that as she wanted to eat the ice-cream there....been talking about it non stop since it was open in Ipoh.

While waiting at the entrance

Happy face!!


We ordered the SEVENTH HEAVEN and it was amazing....fantastic with variety of flavor, all chosen by YenLeng...

It was definitely a great night. Happy Birthday!!


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