Defeat for Real Madrid

It was a little disappointing...after seeing United knocked out by Real Madrid, I expected them to be at least feature in the final of the Champions League...but I guess it is a little too late for the Spanish giant. 

After losing 4-1 to Borussia Dortmund in the first league, it is no surprise that Real would be out, but it just felt pretty bad....especially when they scored 2 goals in the 82nd and 88th minutes.....for some reasons, you expect and hope they will somehow score the third goals....anyway, there would be no such miracle and Real Madrid is out. 

It was clearly not one of Ronaldo's night and after this game, it is quite clear that Mourinho will be on his way out, and his next destination, probably would be back to Chelsea.

I guess the next game, we will be looking at Barcelona....can they turn over a 4-0 will very much depends on Messi's magic....Real is out...Can Barcelona pull it? 

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