Family dinner

The weekend back in Ipoh was amazing. First of all, I got to say that the amount spent driving back was taxing and made me felt lethargic but it is always good to be back hometown, surrounded by people that love you through and through.

Well, we went for a dinner....basically to celebrate Mother's Day and my big bro's birthday. We went to Healy Mac's for dinner on Saturday. It is an Irish bar but since my family don't drink alcohol, I'm the only one who ordered a pint of Kilkenny.


Anyone who know me would know that I love Western food and this is the sort of environment that I love.


The food was amazing and it definitely filled our stomach....

We went for a walk around Ipoh Parade before going to Starbucks for a drink....


My bro and I

Check this out...I poke the bear bear!!

Besides the dinner and some time spent hanging out in Ipoh Parade and Starbucks, I also managed to meet up with Addie for a short yum cha session. It was definitely a great time catching up.

Well, now that Sunday has come to an end, time to prepare for work...Monday is about to kick start!!


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