Malaysia General Election 13 Update - Lim Kit Siang deserve the respect for going to Gelang Patah

I am not a big fan of Lim Kit Siang but honestly, I think he deserved respect for his daring move to Gelang Patah. In an effort to enhance the election results this year, Lim Kit Siang has chosen to battle in Gelang Patah instead of remain in his stronghold. 

It was a move that most leaders will not dare much as we look highly upon Anwar, Najib and others, most of them remain in their stronghold. I believe that at the end of this election, regardless of a win or loss for Lim Kit Siang, he has made the right move. 

As at 9.25pm just now, Lim Kit Siang is still leading in Gelang Patah....hopefully, the result will go PR way...

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