Malaysians, out to make a difference

So, are you excited because you have voted and am now awaiting anxiously for the result tonight? Well, I am excited and having played my part, it is indeed disheartening to read about "phantom voters".

We are different but we are the same....Let us make a difference, in the little ways that we can


I am not sure how much truth is there in all of these news but I must said that I have my highest respect for those who take the time to report on the updates and also those who are willing to volunteer in the polling stations...


It is indeed a great pleasure to see many Malaysians who are up early for the elections, making sure that they play their part, be it that they support BN or Pakatan Rakyat. Democracy is important and I think regardless of the result, it is the spirit and the manner that Malaysians grow as a nation that matters. We are no longer a nation separated by races or religions....I pray for a better and matured Malaysia moving forward. May the 5th indeed has become an important date in our country. Kudos to all those who have voted and to those who have not, let's make a difference in the remaining hour and plus.


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