Spent some time with my former students & now friends

I still embrace and enjoyed those beautiful moments spent together with my students. I appreciate May Kee's willingness to help out during her free time...those gesture really help to give me hope about people's goodness. 

Anyway, today, I was on holiday...Labour Day!! Thank God for such an occasion. Appreciate the rest that I get....and I took the opportunity to visit these kids....honestly, it was good to just see them and know that they are doing good. 

The dinner made by Nandini....appreciate it much...wonderful and delicious Pizza!! 

The person who made the Pizza...thank you!! She's shy with the camera

And Cynthia actually suggested watching "Les Miserables". Well, the movie was okay with some very good music in it. Of course, I just savour the moment that I could spent with these kids....young, intelligent, smart and energetic...       

For me to be sitting in there makes me feel kinda old...haha!! Come on...I'm not young anymore but really, it's fun...to just forget about the world for a day and embrace that moment.

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