Brazil vs Spain, Best in the World against the Best in the History...

So, the stage has been set. Brazil vs Spain in the Final...but wait a minute....isn't the World Cup still a year away from now? Well, it is...we are not talking about the World Cup, but we are talking about the Confederation Cup....this competition seems more like the preview of what will happen in the coming World Cup....the question is, can Spain continue their dominance? or will the Brazilian boys reclaim their World Cup title in their home ground? Well, this final in Brazil ain't the World Cup yet but it will give you the indication of what would be a year from now. 

Firstly, we have the most successful Spanish side, the team that break record after record, winning the European title back to back with the World Cup as well....can they create yet another record? Because no European teams have ever won the World Cup outside their own continent....Spain will want to keep their morale high moving into the World Cup by winning the Confederation Cup in Brazil....Brazil is going to try to stop them...not just the 11 players but together with the fans as well.
Brazil had two World Cup-winning coaches up on stage ahead of the news conference for the Confederations Cup final. One, obviously, was Luiz Felipe Scolari, in full jovial "Felipao" mode, joking that he was so tense that he had "three cats inside my stomach." The other was Carlos Alberto Parreira, the man who led Brazil to victory at USA '94. Then, Brazil has a loads of talents, with their star player rising to the occasion just in time....Neymar. 

As for Brazil and the message Scolari wants to send in many ways, it already left with a loud whoosh: The Selecao is back. Not back to the idealized, world-conquering, Jogo Bonito stereotype, not even back to where they were. But back to a point where they can give anyone a game, where the defensive nous, organization and mental toughness preached by Scolari (and Parreira) can keep things close enough for Neymar and the front men to break something at the other end. And that's a formula that, thus far, has worked against every opponent in this tournament. 

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