Brazil vs Spain

Well, the stage is champion Spain takes on the team with the most successful history in the World Cup, Brazil....but wait a minute...this is not the World Cup, yet.

The Confederation Cup is an important tournament for the first time, especially given how the Brazilian seem to be getting at its best.

Spain has been the recent most feared team, winning the last World Cup and twice the winner of the Euro. It is no wonder that Brazilians fans were chanting for all of Spain's opponent. Well, regardless of what, we are going to have a preview of how the World Cup next year will look like...Spain continuing their dominance, or Brazil reclaiming their World Cup titile??

One thing that we all know is that Brazil recent form suggests they are back at their best....the hero, Neymar...the player will be a title decider for the Brazilian squad....when he is on form, he can help to lift the Brazilian team spirit...his genius is unbelievable and he is one player Spain must look to stop.

Brazil will want to impress in their home ground....Spain will not let them have it easy....who is excited bout the game??


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