Haze...some jokes in it

Well, we all know that the haze is really bad and honestly, I couldn't really take it. But there is one thing that I learned as I enter into the corporate world...never just complain about the things beyond and out of your control...for that matter, I will not complain about the haze...but let's see some of the jokes arises from the current haze scene that is affecting Malaysia and Singapore....

1) Instagram is no longer required
For quite some time, most of us would love to use this amazing app, Instagram to add some blurred effect on the photos taken...now, you don't have to.

Natural blurred effect, power of Haze

Well, for those of you who can take jokes, these are some of it...

"Since people are complaining that cigarettes are too expensive, Mother Nature is letting some of these people to smoke for free."

There are those that mentioned this:

"The haze is so freaking bad that I decided to quit smoking."

And let us not forget the statement made by the famous Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong, 

"Beijing residents joke that to get a free smoke all they have to do is open their window."

Guess who's the one going through this now?

3) Politicians are always the best joke

One thing that I realized as I grow older is this....politicians always offer one of the best jokes.

I can only stand in amazement of the creativity of politicians...BRAVO!! 

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