Went for the company golf event

It is Saturday but I had to wake up early for a golf event...

Well, honestly, it was rather tiring but I must said the Golf course in Palm Garden Golf Club....apparently, it is the best golf course in Malaysia.


Took this with my iPhone...lighting is bad...decided to use the company camera instead...

Check out the difference:

Well, the surroundings are definitely cool....very beautiful golf course...I think that's the reason why so many rich uncles love to play golf.

And check out the other reason here:

With beautiful girls such as this, who wouldn't love to play golf?

While they were playing, I managed to capture some shots from far away...all looking "professionals"

Well, as I continued to explore the golf course, I must admit that it is big, beautiful and is good for a beautiful weekend.





Well, I still cannot understand golf as a sports but I think I know why some people love going for a golf session....as a leisure, I think it is pretty fantastic and healthy...but as a sport, no way....

Anyway, the event was a great one though a rather tiring one I must said...


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