Anims, Tito

Anims, Tito! It has a width of meaning and a depth of sentiment. "Get Well Soon, Tito," "We Support You, Tito," "Good Luck, Tito" -- all these messages are contained within the one -- #AnimsTito.

It is natural that a shock like this unites people, but all the more even when Tito Vilanova happens to be one of the good guys.
It's just sad and a little grubby that the last week of his work as Barca coach will be scarred by the fallout of Pep Guardiola's angry rant toward Barca President Sandro Rosell a few days ago.

Guardiola, speaking legitimately enough about a subject about which he's clearly passionate, alleged that Rosell had used Tito's illness in order to damage Guardiola in the media. Guardiola then went on to make a series of condemnatory allegations.

But what it led to was Vilanova, in what was his first news conference of the preseason and will now be his last as Barca boss, pointing out, in public, that while he still considered Guardiola a friend, that friend hadn't been there for him during the two months in New York when he was most needed.

Irrespective of who did what, neither man will be happy now that this is how what was a wonderfully constructed and immensely successful reign they began together in 2007 has concluded on this sour note, given that Vilanova, since he spoke, has been invalided out.

Vilanova is not an extra-special person because he could play football and could coach a winning football team; he is just a good family man unfairly hit by a callous and, we all hope, ultimately beatable, illness.

As for Barcelona, it feels uncomfortable to turn immediately to their future, but President Rosell did so on Friday night as he announced that Vilanova needs to leave his job because it is incompatible with the intensity and immediacy of his further treatment.

Rosell says they will have a new coach in place next week.

Life goes on, was the expression used. I fervently hope that remains the case for Tito Vilanova. While many are busy wondering who that next coach is, I think it is proper for that to be put at rest at the moment as we wish this fine man "All The Best".

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