Buka puasa session with colleagues/friends

I had managed to find time to eat with Zarina, Sharifah and Abang Yazik after work today as we "buka puasa" together. 

Honestly, I felt happy to manage to find time to eat together as I'll be leaving Great Eastern soon...my 2 years in the company and these people have been very helpful in a lot of ways.

Took this shot while waiting for the "buka puasa" time. We had a lot of conversation, about work, friends and all. Really, time flies and before you know it, it's about time to say goodbye. The food in Penang Village was so so only but very fulfilling since it's a buffet style...cost each of us about RM65...worth it or not? I think it's okay given the environment, location and the people that I'm eating with.

Well, I really enjoy my dinner with these people...they are not just colleagues....they are friends.

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  1. billy gudluck in ur future undertaking.. nice knowing u ....u r very nice person to be with.. pls keep in touch ok.. best of luck n may ur dream come true ;) -sya-


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