Forget about Crab House...I love McD!!

I just happen to come across my brother's blog on the food in Crab House. With no offense to the restaurant, I just couldn't be bothered. Given a choice, the Crab House or McD, I'm going for McDonald's. I know a lot of people will look at my choice with that judgmental look but I'm really not a seafood person. Personally, I love fast food, Western food and all. And it's really a no no for seafood. Of course, there will be times when people ask me to eat seafood for dinner and I will agree to go. I have nothing against's just that I don't like.


The other day, after the PCE exam and while waiting for my CEILI exam, I actually went around looking for McD nearby Wisma Sime Darby. Of course, it wasn't too far before I found one in Menara Mara.

McD I'm lovin it!!

You see...a lot of people would drive the distance to look for seafood to eat....I would walk a distance to look for McD!! Guess that's just me....

So, I say forget about taking me for expensive seafood restaurant...let's drop by at a McD and enjoy our meal and conversation....that's just being me....


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