Here is how Rooney keeps the transfer speculation ongoing?

We all know that he was upset when Sir Alex Ferguson announced to the world that he handed in a second transfer request. It was as if the man who were to step down from United's reign decided to do one last business, getting Rooney out, and Wayne Rooney is well aware of that, and he is playing along most definitely. 

When Moyes mentioned that Rooney is important to the team, and about his ability to support the team should Van Persie injured, Wayne Rooney made it known that he is "angry and confused", yet no transfer request. 

Then, there was the "play dumb" role when Chelsea made their first official bid for him. It is quite impossible that Rooney's camp heard nothing about it. To say that they were only aware of the bid from TV news is far-fetched. How can an agent not been involved in the transfer bid? 

And most recently, he attempted another move, playing golf...not just golf, but playing golf near Chelsea's training ground. 

Wayne Rooney and his golf attempt? An attempt to switch? Nice try!

Firstly, if you’re trying to quell the rumours, you’d probably opt for one of the many golf courses in Britain that aren’t near to Chelsea’s training ground.

Secondly, if you’ve had to come home from a pre-season tour with a hamstring injury that will keep you out for a month, playing other sports probably isn’t advisable.

The Daily Star reports that Rooney and a group of friends played at the members only Queenwood Golf Club in Surrey, where many of Chelsea’s stars play, over the weekend.

Well done Rooney! United don't need you if you're not interested. 

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