Ipoh for the weekend, everything about FOOD!!

I totally enjoy myself during this weekend.
One thing good about back in Ipoh is that there is nothing much to do. Of course, I have my presentation slides to do but still, it is not too difficult.
Well, this was the lunch that I had in Ipoh...

Get to enjoy myself eating home cooked food, and the soup. It's really relaxing. Then, I get to watch movie on the big tv screen at home....no more looking at the small monitor of my PC.

Well, since it is my day's birthday today, we had an early celebration in Dragon-I, one my dad's favourite.
Check out the photos taken on the FOOD!!


  1. i am expecting ipoh local street food but great blog anyway

  2. Of course it'll be great if I have more time to go to the Ipoh hawker stall but was really busy during the weekend. Anyway will go for the hawker stall the next round I balik kampung...


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