Mourinho wants Higuain

The Argentina striker has been tipped to leave the Santiago Bernabeu this summer and has previously been linked to several clubs in Europe. Most recently, he has been strongly linked with Napoli and also Arsenal.
And now Higuain was quoted as saying Mourinho wants him. This could be interesting given the recent claims from the Chelsea manager it's either Rooney or bust.
"Mourinho wants me there," Higuain is quoted as saying.
Arsenal had been strongly linked with Higuain for a long time but it seems that Real is not going to let the striker go easily. The Spanish giants put a €40million price tag on his head and that is well within Chelsea's spending budget, and this could be a threat to Arsene Wenger's target.
Well, we have Mourinho confirming Rooney as the number one target for Chelsea, a lot of players that interest Arsenal, from Luis Suarez, Rooney and even Higuain. Then we have new United boss, Moyes looking actively for addition midfielder to bolster the team for the coming season. With so many of these news going on, who do you think will eventually get Higuain? Chelsea, Napoli or Arsenal??

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