Mourinho will return to San Siro

If you have been following the news, you probably think that this is nonsense, especially when The Special One, now the Happy One claimed that he is looking for stability. Mourinho has publicly spoken of the need of stability at Stamford Bridge and signed a four years deal with the club, after a series of managerial changes in recent years, most of which lasted for about 3 years. 

But according to Inter Milan president, Massimo Moratti, Jose Mourinho intends to return to San Siro in 3 years time, that's about the same time that he has lasted in almost all of his clubs. 

“I called Mourinho to congratulate him on his return to Chelsea,” Moratti was quoted as saying in La Stampa. “What did Jose say? He said, in three years, we’ll meet again at Inter.”

Well, Mourinho is Mourinho after all...

The two enjoyed great success together at Inter

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