Pep Attacks on Barcelona

No one would ever doubt that Pep Guardiola as an excellent coach in Barcelona. In fact, many were shock when he decided to take a one year Sabbath from football. After all, he was the player in Barcelona and the coach that lead them to such success. In fact, the media and the world of football was so keen to know what's next after that one year break....many is expecting him to go for Manchester City, Manchester United or even Chelsea but in what many initially considered as a surprised move, Guardiola chose to join the Bundesliga champions at the Allianz Arena.

Pep, now with Munich

But recent report is that the Catalan former manager reportedly approached the Munich directors, Hoeness and Rummenigge of the blue, expressed his admiration for their club philosophy, shared his desire to coach there one day, gave them his phone number and walked away. And that took place in July 2011.

In other words: Pep's carefully crafted master-plan to land a job at the Allianz Arena had already started to develop several months before even leaving Barcelona, and his supposedly stress-free year away was, in fact, used as preparation for his German adventure.

And now while Pep is comfortably settling down in his new home, he don't have a problem attacking his former employers.

"Too many things have happened that have crossed the line. I will never forget that they used Tito's illness to cause me damage. I just ask the Barcelona board to go their own way and leave me alone and stop using me and my friends to hurt me. All I asked was to be left in peace."

After unleashing his furious attack against the currentBlaugrana board of directors, the newly-appointed Bayern Munich manager went on to, unashamedly, confirm his interest in luring the promising Thiago Alcantara away from the Camp Nou: "It is either Thiago or no-one. I know him very, very well. He is a super, super player. He can play three, four, five positions. He wants to play and at Barcelona his chances would be worse."

It seems that the attacks on Barcelona is after all a method to hide Thiago's signing.

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