Ronaldo "misses United" but happy at Real

We have yet to see much activity for Manchester United this transfer season...a surprise given that much has been talked about Ronaldo returning to Manchester United...that was of course before Ferguson announced his retirement. 

Well, the talk is still out there about the possibility of Ronaldo returning to Manchester United....the recent news was that Cristiano Ronaldo "misses United" but is happy at Real is that?

The 28-year-old has two years remaining on his current deal, and although he has so far refused to discuss new terms, it would take a blockbuster bid from United for Real to consider letting him go....the deal apparently is prepared with a combine deal together with Nike and other sponsors.

But this is what Ronaldo said in his recent trip to Singapore....

"I miss English football," he said. "For me, it was one of the best years in my career when I was there in Manchester United. Everyone knows that it is a club that is still in my heart and I really, really miss.

"But now my life is in Spain. I am enjoying playing there too.

"Part of my life is there, but in the future we never know. I am really, really happy in the Spanish league."

So, the question long is the future? This coming season? or how long more? 

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