"Brilliant" Rooney wanted

We all know that Moyes stressed that Rooney not for sale but how many of us are really buying that story? All the more when he is not involved in the pre-season.


Moyes and Rooney, happier times...

And now it seems even Chelsea's player is starting to be vocal about the team intention of bringing Rooney to Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea attacker Eden Hazard admitted bringing Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney to Stamford Bridge would be 'brilliant'.

"Rooney would be a brilliant signing," Hazard told Sky Sports. "He's a great player who has the experience and he's still only young, at 27."

So does this signify the departure of Rooney, and let's not forget that Moyes was also vocal about Rooney being the back up for Van Persie. Given Rooney's character, it is likely that Moyes will say goodbye twice to Rooney.



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