The day Aaron lost his Proton

It was funny. We have planned for a dinner for quite some time...most of the time, it is either one or the other of us that eventually cancel the plan. Yesterday, we finally came on the whatsapp and said alright, we are meeting up for dinner even if it's just the few of us. Not long after that, Aaron sent a message on whatsapp....I think I lost my car.

That's when it all matched. Tom and I decided to go over and eat out instead of asking Aaron to cook.

We went for a dinner...."fish" somewhere nearby....apparently it was quite nice....I find it pretty okay. After that, we accompanied our brother Aaron to make the police report. He was okay...and we went over his place for a soup session...finally some home-cooked soup!! We spent some time chit chatting and we left at about 11....



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