Treating my co-workers as friends

I remember reading from a book on how you should set a certain boundaries with your co-workers....that at the end of the day, you must set that and friends, colleagues and brothers...that sort of thing. But there is this one thing I learned as a young kid about life, that you got to be honest, that you got to treat people more than just an option or manipulation, that you need to use your heart, and become friends to people.

As a Christian, I hold firmly to what was written in the thy neighbor as thyself.

Anyway, I am glad to have been great friends some of my co-workers...some of them left, some are still in Great Eastern....soon it will be my turn. It feels good to reflect on the good and ugly side of working. But at the end of the day, I'm happy because these people are not just my colleagues or ex-colleagues...but more than that, these people are my friends.

Introducing Yong and Chris Ma. (The guy in the middle has treated me like a bro...happy to have known these two big fellas in GE)

The other day, I also went out for a drink with my former boss, Stephen Ng....I felt that he was stress that night, and I'm glad he called me out to chill, somehow it just show one thing...he trusted me as a friend. I hope I have helped him more than a staff but a friend.

With Stephen and Kelvin.

Then, of course, how could I miss out Alicia...a great friend from another department. At times, I felt good to just hang out with these people, because there are so much you can learn from the conversation...

Hang out with Alicia and Kelvin
Of course, there are also those in E&P..people like Zarina, Yen See, Sharifah and many others...I'm sorry for not having photos on all these good friends on my iPad Mini.
The other day my friend made this for me...

Then, there are those from branches....people like Irene, Eric(s) and also many others....I know that at times, I can be rude but it's just that I am me....I don't try to pretend to be a gentleman.

With Irene during last year Annual Dinner

Kelvin, Eric, CK, and another Eric

I am just glad we were more than colleagues....we are friends.


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