Using Raspberry Roots from Faceshop

I am not the kind of person that normally takes good care of my skin and health. Which is why my sister, Chiew Lian bought me a Sleeping Mask I guess. 

Decided to use it since she bought it.

In the package

I opened it and applied it before I get ready to bed. 

It looks a bit girlish...checked the's a unisex item. Haha!!

Looks girlish
Well, it is easy to use once it's open....just press on top of it and apply the cream on the face.

I think one of the thing about this is that it is easy to use. 

Raspberry Roots from the Himalayans are rich in anti-oxidants, essential to promote collagen synthesis. 3 main features of this line: lifting the skin, tightening pores and supplying hydration and minerals. 

The "Apply, Sleep and Wash" steps are very easy to follow as well, making using it a convenience. I think for all the busy working young adults and adults out there, this is one thing that you can get. 

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