So, what do you do on weekends? 

For those of you who have families, you probably hang out with your families. For people like me, it's the time where I meet up with some friends, go gym workout and had a bit of "personal session" for movies, TV series, some light reading and all.

So what was it that occupied me this weekend. 

Well, Friday night, I met up with a bunch of Michaelians....William Liew, Teik Tzuan, Kumara, Sin Hau and his girlfriend, Sharon, Kok San, Kiean San, Victor Loke, Mandy Tan and some others. We had a bit of drinks and a mamak session after that. We met up because apparently, some of them will be going to Bali the next day. Sounds fun. Anyway, it was great to meet up with a bunch of them, to get to know what they are doing, how is life treating them and all.

Here is a snapshot of the group photo that night:

Saturday, I went to True Fitness gym and brought along Wen Shiuan. Coincidentally, I bump into Chin May and understand that she's joining the gym as well. I think in a way, it is a good thing that we are all becoming more health conscious as we grow older. The need to take care of our fitness becomes something that we care about and invest in as well.

At night, I actually managed to get time for myself....watching a TVB series after so long. I realize that I have not watch any TVB series for quite a long time. It's enjoyable as usual and to just chill around on weekend without any worries makes it a perfect evening.

I had my gym session again today but with Chin May since she wants to go as well. Find it very satisfying after the gym session. A 20 minutes run, a bit of workout, focusing on chest and my shoulders and then sauna.....it was so damn relaxing in the sauna and the shower makes it awesome. I felt so energetic and happy after the gym session. Of course, with a bit of painful ache on my arms, shoulders and chest. 

I'll be seeing Addie for dinner later since he's in KL already. Guess that sums up my weekend!! 

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