"Malaysia XI vs Chelsea" experience

I am not sure how do I put it. I am not a Chelsea fan, neither am I a fan of Malaysian football team but since Soon Aik got 4 free tickets, why not going for a stadium experience.

We were there quite early to collect tickets at 7pm.

There are a lot of booths but no specific direction shown. It is rather bad as we had to walk around on our own to discover the places for entrance, etc.

Took this with Soon Aik. The photo was taken by Tom. Some of the fans even asked Tom to help them take photos as well.

We went in pretty early to get a nice seating.

The field was watered before the players came out for warm up.

The Chelsea coaches were discussing on something on the pitch


Took this from afar while the players warm up. So, when you bought the ticket at RM 108, you will probably have to get a binocular as well.


Just before kick off, there was a photo taking session.

For the full report on the Malaysia XI vs Chelsea FC, you may refer to my post in Four-four-two blogspot.

Final score: Malaysia XI 1 - 4 Chelsea FC.

I actually left at the 80th minute, missed out on the last 2 goals.

Overall, it was a great experience although I must admit it was rather tiring to wait for such long hours.


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