Calvin Klein "Encounter" Review

Well, recently I just bought a new cologne for my daily usage when I'm out for work or social....the Calvin Klein "Encounter"

I know that there are probably better brands out there in the market like Mont Blanc etc, but I used CK One before and I kinda like it so I decided to continue with Calvin Klein. 

Anyway, I am rather disappointed with CK Encounter, partly due to the higher expectation that I set for it. I'm going to review this from a positive point of view first.

not as good as expected...

The positives:

It smells rather good. It started rather heavy but bearable for me. There is a smooth citrus and cardamom, flanked by a warm cognac note. A jasmine note with strong grape nuances emerges in the heart. There is a clean/dirty musk that runs throughout the scent. It is masculine, modern, and yet with some unique accords and depth. 

The negatives:

Silliage is moderate. I find this unacceptable to a certain extend. Whenever I use fragrance, I wanted to leave a that there is a trail leave behind and I think that's what it should do, so that people will remember you even after you leave. 
Longevity is so so. The smell last about 6+ hours. I've read comment that said 8 hours plus but seriously after 6+ hours, there really is nothing much. So, I have to ensure that I'm putting in quite heavily so that it could at least last longer. 

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