Cristiano Ronaldo return to home, Manchester United?

We all know that the lad was never really happy at Real. Despite his tremendous goal-scoring record, Ronaldo was never really loved in Spain. And so often, he was over-shadowed by the other best player on this planet, Messi at Barcelona. 

Ronaldo coming back to Manchester United?

And now, with rumour of a €145 million bid for Gareth Bale by Madrid, someone who is also at best in the same position as him, things seem to suggest that Ronaldo is returning home, Manchester United, the club that makes his name heard all around the world. 

And Ronaldo's return could also mean Rooney will be staying at United. If this is indeed true, then we all would know why the lack of activity at Manchester United's camp is really down to this....they've secretly been laying the foundations for a sensational coup. 

So, what do you think? Will Ronaldo return to Manchester United? 

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