England 3 - 2 Scotland

Well, if you have not watch, then you are missing a great game. A blunder from Hart caused an early goal for England.

Then, with some amazing pass from Cleverley and Rooney, helping Walcott to score the equalizer for England.

But this is not just mere friendly. Scotland is upset that England seems to look down upon them and yes, they took the lead again with Miller's goal. Of course, England's pride is at stake and Manchester United's Welbeck scored the second goal to help England level...he is definitely learning something from Van Persie.

Then the substitution is made. Rickie Lambert enters for Wayne Rooney.

And for Lambert, it was an amazing debut. First game, first touch, goal and a winning goal it is.

The celebration is obvious....what a fantastic debut. Well, that sums up the game....an amazing debut for Lambert. Welbeck shown some improvement...England defense is getting worse it seems and Wayne Rooney had his game....


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