Following business news

Well, I am the kind of person that follow football news, celebrity news, Facebook, politics, gadgets but economy? Really? 

Anyway, of late, I've been spending time on the Bloomberg website, catching up economy news.

I've been reading news such as "The announcement of Ballmer's retirement from Microsoft", "Genting's new 20th Century Fox Theme Park", and many others. Well, some of these news are pretty interesting honestly. 

As Steve Ballmer announced his retirement, the share market of Microsoft surge up. This shows how investors view Ballmer's leadership...lack of vision. Which is quite true if we look at where Microsoft stand today. Ballmer took over from Gates in 2000 and while profits and revenues continue to show good results thanks to Office, there is not much innovation on his side to challenge the mobile world. Well, I guess investors look at his retirement as a new way forward for Microsoft. Are you excited? If you are one of those who have been following the painful and slow development of Windows Phone, then I'm sure you will be excited, because I definitely am.

What about Genting's plan for the 20th Century Fox Theme Park? For those of you who have been in Malaysia long enough, Genting means casino and anyone who go Genting means gambling. At least that's true for the adults. But I'm sure Genting is about to change that....they are not going to depend on gambling and casino business alone. Well, the news from Genting Singapore definitely send a warning. Revenues were almost flat in the second quarter at Genting Singapore (SGX: G13). The company said revenues rose 1% from S$ 702m to S$708m. Profits inched up 2% from S$ 165m to S$169m. And there are those that said Genting Singapore is basically saved by Marine Life. 
So, the idea of the 20th Century Fox Theme Park definitely will change Genting's main will not just be casino. (No doubt about'll still play an important role). This is big news for both Genting and 20th Century Fox. The park—to open in 2016—will be the first 20th Century Fox theme park, with rides and other attractions based on such blockbusters as Ice Age, Life Of Pi, Rio, Alien, Predator, and Night At The Museum, Resorts World Genting said. 

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