Grocery shopping - becoming a smarter shopper

I am not the kind of person who would normally go for grocery. But I guess it's time to learn to buy some bread, tuna, fruits and cup noodle for home usage. 

Well, that's what I did on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I decided to go to Econsave in Festival City Mall with Chin May. 

Festival City Mall from the outside

Found our destination...ECONSAVE

We had our lunch there in Subway...thanks to a brilliant suggestion from Eric Yap on Facebook.

This meal cost me RM7.50

I went there and grabbed bread for my sandwiches (as lunch or dinner maybe), tuna, apple, butter, cheese, and also cup noodle. 

Here is the breakdown of what I've spent:

The Cup Noodle Tom Yam = RM7.95
Deli Tuna Nat = RM5.09
Tuna Salmon Spread = RM5.09
Epal x 5 = RM3.99
Chesdale Cheese Plain = RM5.75
Butter = RM8.95

Total spent = RM36.80

Check out the receipt:


It reminded me of how I nearly spent RM299 for a sweater that I saw yesterday while go chilling in Pavillion with Tom and Aaron yesterday. Luckily I'm becoming a smart shopper, spending only RM36.80 for food that I could take for about a week. 


  1. Gonna spend on what's important and useful for us these days. Can't be spending so freely since the inflation is getting worse. :)

  2. Agreed with you. And now our Ringgit becoming weaker....crap!


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